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Whether it’s called “Expungement” or “Sealing”, the purpose of Expungement/Sealing is intended to provide individuals shackled by a haunting criminal conviction from their past with a method of cleaning their slate, erasing the embarrassing stigma of a “Record” that cripples their employment opportunities, limits their ability to obtain desired housing, and, in many ways, limits opportunities that would otherwise be available – if only that damning mistake of the past didn’t pop up its ugly head and derail the hopes and dreams of a clean slate.

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Expungement Frequently Asked Questions
What Expungement / Sealing Accomplishes

When Iannuzzi and Iannuzzi succeeds in having a past criminal conviction expunged/sealed for an eligible client, all official records and papers relating to the prior arrest(s), prosecution(s), and conviction(s) – including all duplicates and copies, on file with the Justice System or Courts in the State where the conviction was recorded are sealed and not made available to any person or public or private agency other than isolated agencies with certain specialized needs to know.

The Result

After a court grants Iannuzzi and Iannuzzi’s Application on your behalf the record of that past criminal conviction is no longer available to haunt or shackle your employment, housing, or other opportunities.

The Effect

When We have succeeded in expunging or sealing your past criminal mistakes, your shall basically be put back in the position as if that criminal conviction had never happened – that is, the record thereof is sealed, not made available to prospective employers or landlords or any other persons doing a background check.

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If answered yes to any of the above questions , you are not eligible for expungement.

While most convictions can be expunged/sealed certain violent or sex crimes are not eligible for expungement.

There are waiting periods in various states. Call Iannuzzi and Iannuzzi to discuss your eligibility.
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